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New Arrivals

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Turquoise Crystal Bracelet | Blue Mountain + Turquoise Enamel
  • $54.99
Jasper Crystal Bracelet | Maldives + Russian Amazonite Center Stone
  • $49.99
Aqua Turquoise Crystal Bracelet | Brass Row
  • $54.99
Turquoise Crystal Bracelet | Blue Mountain + 14k Gold Fine
  • $69.99
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March Birthstone | Aquamarine

water protection | invites courage + internal cleansing | offers tranquility + peace | protective of mom + baby
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Aries Zodiac Collection

aquamarine + citrine + hematite + jade

Crystals For Migraine Relief | Amethyst + Clear Quartz + Lapis Lazuli Crystal Kit
  • $54.99
Hematite Crystal Bracelet | Gold Rondel + Tiger Eye Charm
  • $54.99
Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet | Sea Glass + Aquamarine Charm
  • $59.99
Lapis Lazuli Crystal Bracelet | Midnight Matte + Pyrite
  • $49.99

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What people are saying about Infinite Warrior

I promise that you won't regret buying from Maria! Her products are top notch! Fantastic quality and absolutely beautiful!


<3 all my Infinite Warrior pieces, crafted with care and good intentions. Thank You Maria!


I am a repeat repeat repeat customer of Infinite Warrior. Maria is so cool, kind, professional, and super talented. I love all of her bracelets I own (more than I care to admit), and I have given many more as gifts.


Love my Dragon vein bracelet for aura cleansing. The stone are even more beautiful in person. Cannot stop looking at it you can see such unique designs in each crystal.