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agate + aquamarine + citrine + howlite + jade + onyx

Matte Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet | Sterling Silver Ring
  • $49.99
Jade Crystal Bracelet | Silver Crescent Moon
  • $44.99
Citrine Crystal Bracelet | Polished
  • $44.99
Onyx Crystal Bracelet | Faceted
  • $31.99
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freshwater stretch pearl bracelet collection paired with crytals

Cream Moonstone Crystal Bracelet | Pearl
  • $54.99
Quartz Crystal Bracelet | Strawberry + White Pearl Fine Collection
  • $69.99
Aquamarine Crystal Bracelet + Moonstone Crystal Bracelet with a Pearl Duo
  • $119.98
Quartz Crystal Bracelet | Madagascar Rose + Pearl
  • $54.99

Why Choose Infinite Warrior

Infinite Warrior stands far above the rest by offering high-quality, handcrafted, American-made products with a lifetime warranty. The quality of the Infinite Warrior bracelets allows for them to be worn every single day. Each piece comes with a property card helping to identify what the stones are and how they will benefit the wearer.

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What people are saying about Infinite Warrior

We can't keep them in stock! We have been stocking Infinite Warrior for 10 years now and it never disappoints! Always beautiful and high quality.

Randi, Randoons in Winnetka, IL

<3 all my Infinite Warrior pieces, crafted with care and good intentions. Thank You Maria!


I am a repeat repeat repeat customer of Infinite Warrior. Maria is so cool, kind, professional, and super talented. I love all of her bracelets I own (more than I care to admit), and I have given many more as gifts.


Always very quick delivery and wonderful product. Love the informational brochures and packaging!

Summer, Hospital Gift Shop in Honolulu