Q: Can I wear multiple bracelets on the same wrist? Can any of the stones not be worn together? 

A: Yes, you can definitely wear as many as you want together. None of the stones from the Infinite Warrior shop will counteract one another. 


Q: It looks like I need every single stone on the chart because I have all of these things that I need to work on. Is that true?

A: Actually you only need one stone for an ailment. All of the stones have multiple benefits so it's likely just a few would cover what you need to address. 


Q: What is the point of recharging the bracelets? 

A: Healing stones are just like essential oils in the sense that they come from the Earth. Oils are something that you have to continue to apply so that they are effective. You as the wearer suck the energy from the stones, so by allowing them to bathe in the light of the sun + moon, their energy will return. 


Q: Do they work? 

A: The muscle of the mind is the hardest muscle to control; make sure that when you set your intention on each bracelet, it's with mindful thought. I (Maria) have personally experienced the benefit time and time again from the stones. I've also been able to continue this business from years of success stories from happy customers who have experienced the same.


Q: Will my bracelet look exactly like the one in the picture?

A: All of our semi-precious stones are in a way one of a kinds, so no one will have one just like yours! The color can vary slightly from each different stone batch we receive, but we do our best to be as consistent as possible. 


Q: How do I know what size to order? 

A: Everyone has completely different wrist sizes no matter the size of the rest of your body. If you have a soft measuring tape, measure your wrist to see which size will work best for you. We advise that your bracelet shouldn't feel tight around your wrist, so if you are in between sizes round up to the closest size. 

6 1/8" | size 6.5
6 3/4" | size 7
7 1/8" | size 7.5
7 3/4" | size 8
8 1/8" | size 8.5
8 3/4" | size 9
9 1/8" | size 9.5

 Q: Can I purchase a gift card for someone? 

A: Yes! Pick from a list of price points, and a digital code will be sent your way for this lucky person to redeem. Buy a gift card here.