Wholesale Opportunities

Want to get started?

How it works whether you work with me directly or go through Faire:


#1 Discover pieces that you love and want order at wholesale pricing.

Find styles and colors that you like and place your order.


#2 Try them in your boutique, office, club, or studio.

Items typically ship to your location within 3 days of your order.


#3 Lifetime guarantee and commitment to the lifestyle.

Yes it’s true. Lots of ladies' boutiques, lifestyle stores, chiropractic + acupuncture offices, health clubs, and yoga studios house Infinite Warrior. The string is lifetime; if it breaks it’s fixed at no cost to the user.


If you’d rather visit Infinite Warrior on Faire and get Net 60, here’s the link again:


Want to know more? Watch a brief video about Infinite Warrior and how it may be a great mutual fit.

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17145 W Bluemound Rd., Suite J #266
Brookfield, WI 53005