Meaning of Om | Symbol on Some Infinite Warrior Bracelets

Meaning of Om | Symbol on Some Infinite Warrior Bracelets

I get asked frequently about the symbol on this top seller!

If you've ever attended a yoga class, you most likely have seen this before. The charm actually means "om" in Sanskrit.

So what's Sanskrit?
The language that yoga was first spoken in and most often what you hear in a yoga class if it's not in English. At its simplest, om sounds like a hum and it is the universal sound of oneness.

The sound not only connects us but also balances and harmonizes the nervous system from the vibrations in the body. This allows for the union of the body, mind, and spirit. It's incredible how much it deepens your focus while gifting you the feeling of being grounded.

The relaxing vibrations of the "ah-uu-mm" sound help to calm and empty our minds of daily thoughts and distractions. Often what you hear me say is monkey chatter.

This is why it is a frequently used mantra, and when you see people wearing it know that it's an expression of their gratitude to the universe and an awareness of the harmony in all things.

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If you want to grab any of the bracelets with an om charm, click here! If you're struggling with quieting the monkey chatter, I highly suggest wearing amazonite! Whenever I wear it, it helps me quiet my racing mind filled with to-do list stress. All of my tasks seem that much more attainable!

Love + light,

Maria, founder + designer of Infinite Warrior


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