Our Story + Team

Hi it’s Maria, founder + designer of all things Infinite Warrior. Each morning I wake up full of gratitude that I’ve had the courage to be the happiest, healthiest version of myself. I encourage you always be the one who sees the light in the littlest of things and allow others to see the light in you.

When you make a difference in someone’s life, you not only impact their life, but you impact everyone influenced by them. Once you take that approach, you realize that no act is insignificant, and together we rise.


The name Infinite Warrior derives from my yoga practice. Yoga’s impact on me was immediate + dramatic, so much so that I was inspired to become an instructor. I instantly became aware of the lasting impact on my being after practice. The time spent on my mat vastly enriched my outlook and notably enhanced my life. How I carried myself, how I treated myself, how I engaged with others, and how I resolved life’s challenges was greatly improved. As long as yoga was a part of the equation, I was infinitely a warrior. 

Living + teaching the yoga lifestyle has provided me with purpose, internal peace, rejuvenated my ability to focus and strengthened my connection to other beings. I’m a believer in surrounding oneself with awesome people and things with similar positive values so as not to distract from making the most of life.


Infinite Warrior is the classic “hobby that became a business" story. Several things set Infinite Warrior apart from the rest, including handcrafted, American-made products with a lifetime warranty. If there’s one thing that I’m confident of it's the quality of Infinite Warrior products. Our bracelets are meant to be worn, not saved for a special occasion. Every single day is a special occasion at our house.

The whole idea of Infinite Warrior has been about both practicing + celebrating self-care, self-love, and mindfulness. It has little to do with wearing bracelets; it’s more about living a healthy lifestyle. The union of natural healing + fashion is a natural extension of my philosophy. Infinite Warrior means a holistic way of life - the expression of which is unique to each individual.