Using Crystals for the Home | Loose Crystals for Your Home

amethyst for your home

Using Crystals for the Home | Loose Crystals for Your Home 

Have you ever walked into someone's house before and noticed an amethyst cluster by the door? Or maybe something that looks like a purple rock that's extra sparkly? I bet it was amethyst!

You know what? There is a good chance that there are plenty of thresholds you've walked over that you haven't even realized that there's an amethyst nearby protecting the household you're stepping into. The added bonus is if you have a place where you can showcase it by your door, you'll be able to benefit from both the beauty and the properties. 

crystals for your home kit


So when you get the kit, you get a box full of excitement. It has of two pieces of amethyst, a piece of Palo Santo, and two pieces of selenite. I would recommend keeping one of the pieces of amethyst in your pocket, while the other gets placed by your front door. You can then take the one in your pocket out and place it on your nightstand while you sleep. The Palo Santo comes with instructions on how to use it + what it is all for. The selenite is so perfect for recharging your crystals + stripping them of any negative, unwanted energy that they have on them; this too comes with an instructional card. The second piece can be placed by your computer to protect you from absorbing the electromagnetic energy (cancer causing) from your computer + cell phone. 

Now you're asking yourself, when exactly would I use this kit? Well for starters, have you ever cleared the energy of where you reside (both home and office!)? Beyond that, when purchasing a home, renting an office or apartment, or moving into a new place, I highly recommend using this Home Crystal Kit. You don't need to feel like you have to wait for a special occasion to use the kit. Actually once you use the kit you'll probably notice enough of a difference that you will want to use it time and time again. It's become a Sunday ritual at my house to clear the energy which if that's you too, tell me in the comments! I'm often pleasantly surprised how many other people do this too. 

hand holding palo santo piece and informational card that explains how and why to use this smudge stick

If you're wanting to gift one to someone that is doing one of those things I mentioned earlier, but are worried they won't know what to do with it, don't worry! The kit comes with instructions as to what to do with each piece in the kit. It's really easy and whether the recipient is not an expert yet or a veteran, the beauty of it alone makes it a wonderful addition to any space. 

So have you tried any of these things yet? There's a chance that if you're a yogi, you've experienced the scent of Palo Santo in the studio and or seen crystals in the space. Let me know in the comments below! 

Much light,