Jewelry Care


Every couple weeks you need to energize your stones again. Place them in the window sill for a straight 24 hours so that they can experience both sun + moonlight. Remember that even on an overcast day that you can get a sunburn, so you don't need the sun to come out for your stones to receive their magic back. 


Please be kind to your bracelets, but also know that they are made to be worn every single day. If you choose not to wear them when you sleep, place them on your nightstand or under your pillow so that they are within 1' of you. You will still benefit from the healing properties if they are within that range. 


Infinite Warrior, Inc. values the quality of our product, and we’re happy to offer a lifetime warranty to our entire tribe. The expense of the repair itself is provided to you - for life, at no expense to you other than shipping to + from. Please allow time for this to transpire. Please the Lifetime Warranty page for this.