Hematite Bead Bracelet | Six Reasons to Wear a Hematite Stone Bracelet Everyday


hematite crystal bracelet

The one stone you will always see me wearing is hematite! As a business owner, this is huge. Why? Because I just love how it helps with my confidence (but not too much ego), grounding, and ability to focus!

Hematite is also my go-to stone for all things circulation! For years I would get this tingling sensation on the right side of my body while sleeping, but now as long as I wear a hematite stone bracelet, I can sleep through the night with no issues! Hematite bracelets are so easy to wear both day + night since they are a neutral, they go with everything.

HEMATITE is a stone known for
● Anxiety + lack of balance
● Concentration + memory
● Protection of your physical body
● Optimism + memory
● Confidence
● Peace

HEMATITE is also incredible for...
● Mental stability + confidence
● Overall balance + heightened ability to focus
● Memory enhancer + stronger ability to concentrate
● Protection + optimism
Overcoming addictions
Discouraging overindulgence - another crystal, amethyst sobriety wise is a great option 

Years ago I remember seeing many ladies wearing the gorgeous sterling silver Tiffany's 10mm beaded bracelet. I loved how versatile it was yet not everyone can afford something at that price point. Cue Infinite Warrior's launch of the platinum hematite in a 10mm. Not only is it stylish but it's become both a favorite women's hematite bracelet + guess what, men's hematite jewelry is also a thing! 

Love + light,

Hematite Crystal Bracelets