Best Crystals for Travel | Crystals for Traveling Near + Far

Isabella and Maria in Hawaii

If you ask me, everyone needs crystals for traveling! Whether you wear them, have them in your pockets or luggage, it's nice to have them along for the ride too. 

Since all I've been hearing lately has been spring break talk, it seemed like the most appropriate time to share crystals for traveling. There is a good chance that you already have one or more of these that I've suggested. As more people are headed out of town, I've gotten a lot of messages with this question: “Do you have any stones for travel protection?” Crystals for travel protection can be the easiest part of your packing actually, it's just a matter of knowing which ones make the most sense for you. 

Whenever I travel, I don’t leave without a handful of my favorites as they each have an added bonus as to how they both protect my body + mind while I'm traveling. In the picture above, Bella and I are on Maui. You wouldn't know from looking but I have a few loose crystals in my pocket as well because we had a turtle cruise later that day. I wanted to make sure that I had the stone of the sea (aquamarine) with me! 

With that in mind, what crystals are best for traveling?

Here are the best crystals for travel:

AMETHYST: This stone happens to be the one that acts as a natural tranquilizer. It has the ability to strengthen your imagination and intuition, which allows your thinking processes to be refined. Because of that, any negative energy that you’re exposed to instead turns into relief and joy. So perfect for when you’re traveling and exposed to so many other people and their energy.

HEMATITE: This stone is the one that the human body reacts to the fastest. It’s ability to give your body an overall calming feeling and as well a feeling of being rooted/grounded. Its energy shield creates a space around your body to deflect any kind of negative that you simply do not need. It also plays a great role for city living and business interactions.

LABRADORITE: Labradorite is the stone that helps with meeting and interacting with new people. It helps clear your mind and protect your aura so that you do not absorb any kind of external energy that you simply do not need. It also helps reduce both stress and anxiety, allowing for a boost in self-confidence.

AQUAMARINE: Truly the stone of the sea, aquamarine protects you for travel over or near water. It’s the stone of courage and the calming energies that it shares with you reduces both stress and gives you the ability to quiet your mind. It helps clarify perception, sharpens your intellect, and clears any confusion that may come from anything foreign in your travels.

TIGER EYE: This stone has been coined as the stone of protection and is known for its ability to make you feel incredibly grounded. It heightens your willpower, integrity, and practicality which is awesome in situations that aren’t necessarily predictable. Tiger eye also promotes prosperity and good luck which is great for any kind of unforeseen circumstances when you’re traveling.

So when we venture to Hawaii, I definitely take all of these with as we travel over water, spend time in water, and are surrounded by water. We also are around a lot of people so it only makes sense to have our best lineup while away from home. In the chance that you are heading to Hawaii (Maui specifically), I wanted to give you our typical must-haves lineup. These are places that we it every single time we go, some multiple times. This list is in no particular order, but I will tell you that the first on the list is actually in my top five restaurants of all time!  

Restaurants in Maui:

Star Noodle in Lahaina on Maui 

Four Seasons in Wailea on Maui for brunch

Leoda's Pie Shop in Lahaina on Maui for lunch + pie

Fleetwood's in Lahaina on Maui for a sunset dinner + live music on the rooftop

Island Vintage Coffee in downtown Lahaina in Maui for coffee

Sansei  for sushi in Kihei on Maui

Shopping on Maui:

Whaler's Village in Lahaina on Maui for shopping and dinner on the oceanfront 

Shop's at Wailea in Wailea on Maui for shopping - Honolua Surf Co is the best for tees!


In the chance that you are heading to Hawaii, let me know in the comments below. Mahalo! Beyond where you're heading, I hope this gives you a little comfort and protection on your next adventure. Safe travels, everyone! 

Love + light,