Crystals for Gemini Zodiac Season

It is so fitting that during Gemini season our brains kick into high gear and we are ready for more. Since Geminis are all about communication + socialization, we often look into the details and then see different opportunities which allow for change. 


Jade - August birthstone and Gemini zodiac crystal

Geminis have most often opposed a world of black and white, instead they own the ability of identifying various shades of gray. We all fall into this category during this season and everything starts to seem a bit more complex. 

Onyx crystal bracelet - July birthstone and Gemini crystal

Most often we all feel our ego and sense of identity in a much larger sense during this season. We just had the full moon on Saturday night which most often pushes+ inspires us to seek the truth while continuing to explore the unknown. Today is the first day of excitable, extroverted energy as the planets shift. 


The crystals that are associated with this season are below and most often we each are drawn to one to help gift balance during the season. 

Agate - improves concentration 
Aquamarine - offers tranquility 
Citrine - enjoyment of life 
Howlite - encourages creativity 
Jade - invites good luck
Onyx - internal strength 


I love to visit different websites for zodiac information + details to better understand each one. If you've yet to check out I highly recommend it. I can't pinpoint a year but I know that from the point that I was a teenager I always loved reading Cosmo magazine. Their playful take on each zodiac is always entertaining! Another one that I love is Allure. They always have to seem to have the best artwork in their articles. Somehow a little bit of an Anahata Joy vibe from Papaya Art.  

If you have sites that you'd love to share with me that you enjoy on the topic of zodiacs, definitely mention them below!

Much light,