Best Crystals for Anxiety and Stress

Best Crystals for Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety + stress are two things that I get asked for help with more than you would think. The best part is I have lots of options for a crystal that will not only save the day but it also will offer other great benefits as well. If you're particular about color, you're bound to find one here that you'd like to wear all of the time with this lineup. 

Amazonite also helps with any kind of dark thoughts including depression, monkey chatter (a racing mind), + the electronic radiation that our bodies simply don't need. 

Amethyst also encourages peaceful, non-nightmare-like sleep, sobriety, + acts as a grief crystal. 

Aquamarine also protects you on, in, and over water, boosts your courage, + offers an abundant mindset. 

Howlite helps reduce any anger-like thoughts, prevents osteoporosis, + quiets your mind so that you can sleep. 

Labradorite gifts you back your mental magic, improves your focus, + heals your unhealthy gut. 

Lapis Lazuli wards off migraines, reduces inflammation, + heals your unhealthy gut. 

Moonstone opens the the door to new beginnings, offers an abundant mindset, + encourages healthy reproductive system health. 

Obsidian wards off any kin of dark, depression-like thoughts, reduces inflammation, + heals your unhealthy gut. 

Sodalite boosts your immunity, encourages restful sleep, + boosts your metabolism. 

Let me know which one you're loving the most. For myself I've always loved amazonite because it not only looks like the beach on your wrist, it also manages your "honey to-do" list in your head. Often times when the clock says it's time to put your head down to sleep your mind isn't quite ready, yet with amazonite you're able to put your head down that much quicker. 

Looking forward to seeing which one you love!

Much light + love,