Avoid These Rookie Mistakes with Crystals

Avoid These Rookie Mistakes with Crystals

Back in 2014 when I started Infinite Warrior, I was still very new to the crystal scene. Almost ten years later, I'm still learning but I also have a lot to share about rookie mistakes I've made with crystals. 
There is a chance that you too are familiar with these mistakes I've made. Thankfully there is time going forward to not repeat them. Let me know if any of these are familiar to you in the comment section below. 
Crystal bracelets from Infinite Warrior
  • Buying a crystal that has all of the properties that you need but in a color that you don't like. There is no need to get something that you will never wear! Check to see if you could get a stack of two or three that covers what you need. Or commit to putting the bracelet in your pocket so that you still get the benefits. Either route you go, I still encourage you to figure out colors that encourage happiness to you. 
  • Gifting someone a bracelet out of your own personal collection that you've worn because that person, "needs it more." You're literally gifting more than just a crystal, you're also sharing all of your own energy with them- bad! Lovely idea but make sure that you get them one that is cleansed and free of anyone's energy. Don't forget that it's important to cleanse your own crystals too since you are surrounded by energy from other people that you're also absorbing. 
  • Using a bracelet that you didn't set an intention on. Does this sound silly? I'm sure it does initially but why not get as much benefit as you can from your crystals? I encourage you to check out this blog out that I write on setting intentions if you are curious about learning more about this. 

Writing intentions on crystals

  • Wearing a bracelet that leaves indentations in your skin because it's better to have the stones as close as possible so that they work better. It doesn't make any sense to be uncomfortable, nor do you need the stones that close to your body to work. So long as they are within 1' of you they will work. Infinite Warrior offers a lifetime warranty however there is no need to challenge the elastic; it's best to wear something that fits comfortably so that it both lasts and is pleasant to wear. I wrote a blog on sizing and understanding how to get a bracelet that will fit you comfortably that is perfect if you have any questions on sizing.

Measuring your wrist for a bracelet size

Don't forget to tell me below if you've been down this path with me!

Much light + love,