New Moon Energy + Full Moon Energy | Setting Intentions for the Moons

New Moon Energy + Full Moon Energy | Setting Intentions for the Moons

Let's chat about the difference between full moons + new moons. It is said that if you set your intentions on the new moon, it increases by 30%! Amazing isn't it? I'm here for it!


This is when the sun + moon are in conjunction in the sky. Their energy is harmonized and amplified, making the moon appear invisible.

With nothing illuminating the sky, you are given this opportunity to turn inward. New moons signify new beginnings + planting the seeds of new intentions.

This means it's the perfect time to set new intentions + start manifesting new ideas!

How to set your intentions for the new moon:

I like to create a relaxing environment (for me this often is my patio since it's quiet), jot a few notes down, or journal if I have the time. I write down my intentions + any goals or ideas I want to manifest. Sometimes I catch myself adding whatever it is to my Notes section on my phone so that its easily accessible in the near future. 

Lost? Here are some affirmations for the new moon that you could set:

  1. I invite all forms of abundance that are presented to me.
  2. I have the power to manifest my dreams.
  3. I choose to fill my life with happiness + joy.

setting intentions during the new moon


The full moon brings a lot of extra energy when recharging + cleansing your healing stones, but I also find it's the perfect time to create a monthly habit that allows you to practice self-care / self-awareness.

Each month the full moon allows us to connect with ourselves, celebrate our progress, and most importantly- let go of things that no longer serve us. 

Here are some affirmations for the full moon that you could set:

  1. I release my fears + doubts that are holding me back. 
  2. I will let go all that is not in alignment with my goals.
  3. I trust there is a plan far greater than mine.

Here's how to put your intentions out into the universe: (Here is a video of how I do it!)

I like to jot down a few notes or journal some of my intentions to start. Then I say my intentions every single day after I drop Bella off at school, camp, or wherever she's headed. It is a habit I strongly recommend doing as it soon becomes a routine. I truly believe saying your intentions over and over again is so powerful.

Back to the piece of paper where I write those intentions down... once I have my intentions written down, I light them on fire. Be safe about this as I would recommend going outside and doing this on the sidewalk or patio for the safest outcome.

As silly as this practice seems, it has become a pretty incredible part of the process that has helped turn my dreams + intentions into reality. Think about it, once the paper full of intentions is lit, the intentions fly off into the universe! 

selenite for cleansing and recharging crystals

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