Six Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals | How to Cleanse Your Crystal Bracelets

Six Ways to Cleanse Your Crystals

One of the most common questions I am asked is, how to cleanse your crystal bracelets?

If you've never cleansed your crystals before I'm confident that you're going to love the juxtaposition between the before and after. After crystals have been cleansed they will not only feel lighter, they will be emptied of any kind of energy that you simply do not need with you. 

Depending on what you have on hand, I am sharing six different ways that you can use to cleanse your crystals. I highly recommend trying a handful of my suggestions first before deciding which route you want to go from this point forward. Oh and I'll save my favorite way for last! 

1. Dirt: You read that right, dirt is actually one way to cleanse your bracelets of any kind of unwanted energy. You simply need to dig a hole in the Earth, drop your crystals in that hole, and then cover those crystals up with the loose dirt.

If you go this route let them sit in that area for an hour and then circle back to dig them out. Since the Earth will recognize any energy that it's not familiar with, it will both strip + then absorb that unwanted energy from the crystals. The end result will leave you with clean stones. 

2. Rice: Feel free to use white rice for this or whatever kind you have in your cabinet. Use a bowl that will fit all of your crystals and simply pour rice all over the top of the crystals in the bowl. 

With this route allow the bracelets to sit in the bowl for an hour prior to taking them out of their rice bath. Please make sure to throw out the rice that you used for this as it's now full of energy that you definitely don't want to consume. The end result will be crystals with clean energy.

3. Water: This is a route that you're welcome to go but I caution you that some stones are not safe in water. It's best to make sure that you are working with crystals that can experience significant water prior to cleansing this way. 

For this you will need a fresh stream of water for 10 minutes that the crystals can experience. Once the 10 minutes has passed your crystals will be clean of any kind of negative energy and they will just need to dry. 

Every time that I have cleansed my crystals this way I have ended up with super cold hands as I literally have held the crystals in my hands while the water washes away all of the unwanted energy. My recommendation for this would be to use your kitchen faucet to have the steady stream of water with a towel nearby to use when you want to set your crystals down afterwards. Minus the use of all of the water that you need for this route, it is a rather fun way to go as it seems like you are literally washing all of that negative energy down the drain. 

4. Sun + moon: The one thing that seems to be the reason why some people simply don't cleanse + recharge this way is because of time. You do need a straight 24 hours of the light from the sky so I encourage you to find the patience for that. If you do, you're literally allowing those crystals to bask in the goodness while also taking a break from all of the incredible work they have already done. 

This process is simple but so key to actually allow the crystals to sit on their own (untouched) for the 24 hours so that the magic can happen. I like to set my crystals on my windowsill when I do this process as I know that they will be left there untouched. If you have pets or small children I don't know that the 24 hours ever happens as those bracelets often are easy distractions and or "toys."

5. Palo Santo: If you've never heard or seen Palo Santo sticks, I'll tell you that you're missing out! It has a sweet burning wood and earthy scent, which is very mild and enjoyable for all. Smudge sticks come in many varieties but Palo Santo wood offers the least offensive, most mild scent. 

Once in hand, light a match and hold it over the edge of the Palo Santo. Once it is lit, you will blow it out and waft it to distribute the smoke. In this case when you are cleansing your crystals or bracelets, make sure to align the crystals and bracelets in the smoke of the smudge stick. Use a bowl or tray that isn't made out of wood to catch ash after each use. The Palo Santo benefits most often have people using them daily if not multiple times a day (like me!) as it is so easy to use. 

6. Selenite: This has become one of my favorite ways to cleanse my bracelets for a handful of reasons. I love that I can both cleanse + recharge at the same time (this is the quickest route) as well as not have to worry about them while I'm getting ready in the morning. I'll explain what I am talking about in better detail. Also note that there are lots of different shapes of selenite, but in our shop you'll see the coveted selenite wand simply for ease of use + travel. The selenite crystal meaning is far beyond the lack of strength that it has on the hardness scale. Because of this, when travelling make sure to pack it safely. 

When you place your crystals on top of selenite for an hour the stone has an opportunity to both cleanse + recharge them with no interference. I mentioned that I like to do this while I'm getting ready because I've actually turned this into a morning routine. Once I figure out what I'm wearing for the day, I like to set the bracelets on my selenite wand before jumping in the shower.  From that moment to when I leave I always know that I'll have an hour before we leave for school. As I am grabbing my stack before I walk out the door I know each + everyday that I am starting out with a fresh stack of energy after doing little to no work to achieve that. 

The selenite benefits I shared most often have everyone sold on selenite, but in the change that you're not, I have one more thing to share! Did you know that it is the only crystal that both cleanses itself + recharges itself without needing any assistance? How cool is that? For that reason alone I'm sold! selenite cleansing crystal

Let me know which ways you tried + what you ended up loving in the comments below. 

Much light + love,