What Kind of Shopper Are You?

Are you shopping Infinite Warrior or need some local inspiration? 

Top Infinite Warrior Ideas

BIRTHSTONE COLLECTION | By far our easiest to gift collection! Each month has multiple options to pick from, so you won't have a hard time finding the perfect one that is extra special for someone on your list.

ONE OF A KIND COLLECTION | Everything you gift has to be unique! Whoever you are gifting these pieces to will for sure not have one like it! 

SELF LOVE REMINDER | Lava Rock | This is a great thing for everyone to keep in mind always, and lava is the perfect stone for that.

CRYSTAL STARTER KIT | For anyone interested in crystals or also wanting to keep their space cleansed this kit comes with all those essentials! A card explaining what each item is for and how to use is also included. 

AMETHYST | The energy from amethyst is perfect to keep by the front of your house while people are coming and going. 

ZODIAC COLLECTION | A step further - the zodiac collection is another personal touch option for yourself or others to help with intentions + goals in the season.

MEN'S COLLECTION | Don't forget the guys! We've put some of our top selling men's bracelets all together to help make picking one out easier. 


Other Gift Ideas from Maria's Favorite Things

BIG WHITE YETI | So many options to pick from - holiday scents, boozy scents, or their tried and true classics. Maria has these candles lit in her house all the time!

NOURISH NATURAL PRODUCTS | To survive dry winters, Maria loves the Intensive Healing Balm from Nourish! Keep one in your purse for on the go or by your bed for overnight healing!

NUTKRACK | One of Maria's favorite gifts to get everyone during the holidays! It's the perfect hostess gift or to add a little extra to your other selections. You're bound to be addicted too. 


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