Agate Crystal Benefits | Agate Stone Meaning, Benefits, + Properties

One of the stones that I most often see people reaching for is agate and wouldn't you know that the majority do not have May birthdays. What is it that makes people gravitate to agate time and time again? My first thought is the ability that agate has to relieve stress from technology eyes, or better explained - eyes that have spent 6+ hours a day on technology. 

This stone also encourages love and the abundance of joy while reducing stress + tension. Agate helps reduce headaches + inner anger, instead gifting you heightened focus and concentration. 

As you can see from the picture above, agate comes in so many colors. Often the color is what I think people are gravitating towards when they are first looking at the Infinite Warrior collection. But then I see that the individuals most often continue to pick up other agate bracelets, which is the friendly reminder that our bodies intuitively gravitate towards things we are in need of or lacking. 

Agate is also wonderful for healing skin disorders + cleansing the lymphatic system. The stone also helps heal your gut, while gifting you the understanding that you are protected + secure as it stabilizes your aura after cleansing it of anything unwanted. It's associated with the Gemini + Virgo zodiacs. 

If you live in a humid climate like I do in the Midwest, you will appreciate how agate helps reduce inflammation. I have noticed a considerable difference in the summer when I wear agate on the regular. 

Are you a May baby or are there properties in this stone that you think you have a whole different need for? Tell me in the comments below. 

Much love + light,