Why we don’t use machines!

Maria with the jewelry trays

One of my favorite things to do when I get together with my brother is talk about how work is going as we both have business backgrounds.

In one of our recent conversations, he asked me if we were still making our bracelets in-house. He has always been curious why I’ve yet to come up with a machine to do it for me.

I mean he does raise a valid question. But if there’s one thing I know for sure when it comes to Infinite Warrior, I can tell you we will ALWAYS be making the bracelets in-house here in the US, currently in Wauwatosa. We work with over 25 different stones and have a lot of moving parts.

Admittedly there’s something overwhelmingly meditative about making a bracelet. One of my favorite parts is sorting through our beads to ensure we are only using the best quality stones!

Whenever I am making our bracelets, I take my time and love placing the beads and strategically putting them in order to showcase whatever stones I find rather eye-catching in the center. Again, it’s therapeutic for me! 

Whenever you shop with Infinite Warrior, you can guarantee each bracelet is handmade with love!

Love + light,

Maria, founder + designer of Infinite Warrior

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