Crystals for Negative Energy

Crystals for Negative Energy

This is the time of year I have many people reaching out to me asking for the best healing stones to help uplift their mood and energy. The thought of having crystals for negative energy in your office, by your front door, or even on your wrist is never a bad idea. 

Since mental health is a complex matter and is personal to everyone, I wanted to round up a few stones that can be useful tools in shifting negative thoughts and providing a little guiding light. Always remember that when you are using crystals for negative energy to make sure to cleanse them regularly. If you'd like an easy reminder of when to do that, feel free to sign up for our email reminder. This email comes out twice a month which allows for you to recharge on the full + new moon each month. 

If you need a little help getting rid of those negative vibes, I encourage you to say goodbye negativity + grab these healing stone bracelets I've listed below. You don't need them all, it's more so a matter of figuring out what you would wear the most.

TURQUOISE: Dispels away negativity. Excellent immunity booster and reduces anxiety.

10mm African turquoise crystal bracelet
JASPER: Offers tranquility and wholeness. Absorbs negative energy and encourages self-care.

MOONSTONE: A great reminder that all things pass and new beginnings will always come.

10mm moonstone crystal bracelet with clear quartz

AMETHYST: Full of positivity and serenity, alleviates sadness and gives inner peace.

CITRINE: One of the happiest crystals in the world, and it is all about positive energy and new perspectives.

CLEAR QUARTZ: Give your soul a boost of energy! It clears out feelings that can clog the mind and vibrationally lifts your mood.

10mm clear quartz crystal bracelet with gold rings
TIGER EYE: Helps you to think kind things about yourself and reminds you that you are strong and powerful.

SMOKY QUARTZ + BLUE LACE AGATE: Dispels negative energy to make room for more positivity and brings a soft healing by allowing you to delve deeper into your feelings

OBSIDIAN: Brings clarity to your mind and an overall purification while allowing for transformation and manifestation.

Did any of these healing stones resonate with you? I've noticed that I wear many of these at different points of the year so if you too are gravitating towards some now and then different crystals later, I wouldn't be too surprised. Hit reply and let me know!

Love + light,

Maria, founder + designer of Infinite Warrior

P.S. In the chance that you're looking for ideas beyond crystals, I definitely have some recommendations that I too have used that have worked. 

Some of my favorite ways to escape negative energy are to simply get outside. Here are some local parks that I love:

Lakeshore State Park 

Three Bridges Park 

Lapham Peak 

Another great option is to read a book. I personally love reading non-fiction, but this is definitely a personal preference. 

Meditation is another route to take and I've found a handful of options that I have had success with. On nights where I simply don't want to do much if any moving, any of these are great. If you have one that you've used beyond this that you'd recommend, please share!



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