Smudging 101 | How to Smudge with Palo Santo Sticks

Smudging 101 | How to Smudge

Interested in smudging? Or wondering what smudging is all about? 

This is something that I am so excited to share all about it with you because it is something that I love to do! The act of smudging just means cleansing something, bringing whatever that is back to its highest vibrational state. 

Just so you know, smudging is something that you do not have to do by any means. This is entirely up to you and if you feel like you would like to do it. For me I end up feeling rejuvenated after I smudge, almost similar to a fresh start for both myself and whatever I've smudged. 

If you're completely unfamiliar with smudging, you're likely surprised to read that it is done in many cultures. Asian cultures regarding Fung Shui burn mandarin peels, and Christianity uses frankincense in church ceremonies. But what's important to note is that smudging doesn’t have any religious association whatsoever.

For smudging, I recommend using Palo Santo wood because of the smell. It has a sweet burning wood + earthy scent, which is very mild and nice. The Palo Santo benefits once lit offer a smoke from the lit wood has the ability to calm any high, unwanted vibrations in a space. It helps remove negative thoughts and chase away evil spirits. Palo Santo is considered “holy wood” and is native to Peru and Ecuador. You can get it on our site here.

How to smudge:

  1. Light a match and hold it over the edge of the Palo Santo wood.
  2. Once it is lit, you will blow it out and waft it to distribute the smoke around your space. 
  3. If cleansing your crystals or bracelets, align the crystals and bracelets in the smoke.
  4. Use a bowl or tray to catch ash after each use.

And that’s it! I am happy to talk to you about it! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Here is a simple video where I am sharing exactly how to do this!

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Love + light,