Selenite Benefits | How to Use the Selenite Crystal

If you know me, you know that I believe that a selenite wand is a must-have in your healing stone collection. With its many uses, it is no wonder I recommend it to pretty much everyone + I'm excited to tell you why I do. 

For those that love the origin of a name, the name "selenite" comes from the Greek goddess Selene, the goddess of the moon. This only makes sense as this moon goddess of a crystal has re-energizing abilities similar to those of the moon in the sky. The selenite properties bring a whole new level of depth of the amazing properties it has to offer. 

The selenite benefits are rather impressive as it never needs to be recharged to gain them back. The crystal itself is known for its strength + ability to reach higher vibrations. It helps connect with both the third eye + crown chakras, while promoting purity and honesty. Selenite also clears energy blockages and has an incredible ability to remove toxins from both other crystals and one’s body. I've seen this crystal work it's magic on people in front of me before + that alone has been pretty incredible. 

Going back more than a decade, my initial love for selenite was when I found out that it is also one of the only crystals known to cleanse + recharge other stones; don't forget that all of this happens without needing to be charged itself which is pretty incredible. 

Here are a couple of ways to use a selenite wand including selenite properties:

- To cleanse your bracelets: Selenite is one of my favorite ways to cleanse + recharge my bracelets. Just place your bracelets on top of the selenite for an hour or two + let it do its magic! It's as simple as placing your bracelets directly on top of your selenite stone. I like to do it when I am jumping in the shower that way it gets a quick 30 minutes of cleansing for my bracelets that I wear day in a + day out!

- To detox your body: What is really cool about selenite is you can use it to detoxify your body as well. To do this place the selenite wand in the palm of your hand and close it tightly. Hold it for about 30 seconds to 1 minute. When you open your hand, there is a good chance that you might see a puff of smoke (totally normal!); this is a great thing because it means you are detoxifying your body and those are impurities coming out! If you don’t notice any smoke it is okay; either way it is working!

- Healing a heavy heart or helping with grief: Simply lay down horizontally + place the selenite crystal on your heart for 10-15 minutes, while meditating, or just resting your eyes. Allow that weight to to come off your chest + let the crystal absorb it. The crystal will them emit that energy that you no longer need back to the earth.

- Place at the base of your feet while sleeping: Yes, your significant other might think your crazy (mine is used to it now!), but that’s okay! I like use my selenite wand for this if I have been working shows, especially if I’ve been around a lot of people all day. It is a great way to cleanse + detoxify while you sleep; you'll wake up feeling rather refreshed!

- To amplify other stones: Use this stone in tandem with your other stones to amplify or manipulate other stones. Selenite is one of the main pieces in our crystal starter kit for this reason alone; it's an easy piece to get acquainted with. 

Our starter kit is the perfect gift idea for anyone looking to start their healing stone collection! You can also shop our selenite healing crystals to start this practice with ease. These selenite benefits mentioned are true for all types of selenite. You will notice that many of our kits include a selenite wand as it's a must for easy cleansing + recharging. 

In what ways do you use selenite? Comment below! Here is a video of me walking you through how to use selenite on our Instagram!

Much love + light,