Best Crystals for Leo Zodiac Season

We're in the throws of Leo season + I'd like to bring you up to speed on something that might seem a little obvious to many. Crystals for Leo seasonIn the chances that you’re skipping work, ignoring your obligations, or being irresponsible so you can still be in summer party-mode 24/7, realize that at some point you're going to have to face the consequences.

I'm surrounded by Leos in my world, so I feel like this is a zodiac I know rather well. During this season though, the Leo energy is something that we all feel on an entirely different level. Since we all take on feelings + thoughts that are more self-centered, we turn into more stubborn + egotistical people. Don't forget to play nice during this season while we fully play it out for the next week and a half. 

Leo characteristics

Now is the time where if you have an idea, definitely say so. If you’re feeling something - anything, take time to share it. This is really the time when you’re  probably inspired + motivated (all at the same time!). I encourage you to do something about it! Leo season is all about expressing yourself, shining bright, and new things—whether it’s a job, a personal project, or a relationship. Have fun, and enjoy the party! After this season we will be back into the routine-life so you'll be hunkering down to structure. 

Are you a Leo? Tell me below. 

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I personally am on Co-Star and I highly recommend it if you at all are curios about your zodiac sign and how that plays into your life.

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