How to Plan Your Full Moon Ritual | Full Moon Guide for Beginners

Whether or not you have participated in a full moon ritual or not before, there's a pretty good chance that your sleep has been impacted by the full moon. For others often the full moon offers a deep sense of emotional release. Either way you're curious about the full moon and the energy that comes along with it, which is why you're here.

Full Moon Journaling Exercise

Journaling can help us acknowledge our emotions and put them on paper, especially during a full moon. When you're doing this it gives you an opportunity to manifest what you really want in your life. 

One thing that I love to do is get all of my bracelets and or crystals gathered together for this. Sometimes I have a handful of them in a bowl on the table aside my notebook. Most often I've set intentions on bracelets in the past, so it only makes sense to have them nearby. Even if you're not someone that sets intentions on the bracelets, the incredible energy that comes from them is worth soaking in while you're journaling if you ask me!

Journaling Exercise for the Full Moon (get your notebook ready!):

1. Let go! Grudges, goals, emotions. 

  • What fears can I let go of? 
  • What beliefs can I let go of? 
  • What goals are no longer in alignment with my path? 
  • What/who is no longer serving me?

Take a moment and visualize yourself letting these things go, literally fading away into the distance. When doing this, you are manifesting the process of letting these things go. 

2. Reflect + Celebrate! Celebrate the wins. 

  • What is something I am grateful for?
  • What have I manifested so far this month?
  • What is something that I am proud of myself for doing/achieving this month?

After you've gotten this list together, think about how these things made you feel. The full moon is not just about letting go; it also helps us gain clarity on the positives that we can can manifest more of that energy. 

3. Manifest! Bring clarity and focus to the period of time with affirmations. 

  • I release what no longer serves me (it's OK to change your mind on what makes the most sense for you!).
  • I am not afraid to let go (it's very freeing!).
  • I am proud of myself for how far I've come.

Now that you've had time to reflect and celebrate, take a little more time to hone in on these affirmations. This is such an easy way to practice manifestation. There is a chance that you may end up repeating the same ones each month. It's also possible you'll start to eliminate some as they no longer serve you. 

Some other ideas for affirmations: 

  • I allow myself to experience joy and abundance
  • I am in alignment with my purpose
  • I am proud of myself for taking time to acknowledge both what serves and no longer serves me


Whether you've never done this before or you've got many full moon rituals under your belt, there is always room to try something new. Let me know if you do something different than what I mentioned that you love. I'm always eager to hear about a new idea!

There was a recent article in Women's Health that had some ideas that were pretty great for full moon rituals that may interest you beyond what I shared.

I really love the idea of the moon circle with friends from Today. This is high on my list to try with friends! 

The simplicity that this suggest on Centre of Excellence speaks to me on a whole different level. There's no need to overcomplicate things!

If there's an article that you've read that you think I'd appreciate, I'd love for you to share that as well. 

With intention,