Essential Oil Diffusers | How to Use An Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Essential Oil Diffusers

Love using essential oils? Don't we all! However, sometimes you want them to work a little quicker than usual. What if I told you that you can add essential oils to your bracelets for a quicker response time? Think of it as Aromatherapy on the go! The Lava stone will penetrate your skin faster than just one drop of oil on your skin. These 2 stones are highly porous and perfect for this!
Lava- Gives internal strength and enhances creativity.
Sandalwood- Calming and promotes feelings of peace and serenity.

How to use them: (Here is a video walking you through it)
I highly recommend putting one drop of your favorite essential oil directly onto your bracelets. Start slow and see how it affects your body. One drop might be enough or too much to test and see what is best for you. The stones hold onto the oils throughout the day, then slowly release them onto your skin. You also get the scent of the oil all day long! Plus, using a diffuser bracelet gives you the added benefit of the stone's healing properties.

Here are the 3 most popular Infinite Warrior Lava bracelets perfect for essential

1. Lava and Hematite. This healing stone bracelet is part of our Distance Duo
Collection, perfect for gift giving. One bracelet is all Lava with 1 Hematite stone in
the center, and the opposite has all Hematite and 1 Lava stone in the center. So
you are always connected! These are perfect for gift giving for your significant
other, best friend, or mother-daughter.

2. Matte African Turquoise and Lava. This healing stone bracelet has 5 African
Turquoise stones in the middle and the rest Lava stones. It was a popular men's
bracelet, but it has become so popular with both males and females!

3. The Baby Maker Rose Quartz and Lava. This healing stone bracelet has Lava
stones with one Rose Quartz stone in the center. They work together to boost
internal strength and courage.

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Love + Light,