How to Manifest Something: An Easy 5-Step Guide

Maria owner of Infinite Warrior

Did you know that crystals emit their own special vibration and healing energy? That is why setting an intention for each crystal bracelet offers both benefits + opportunities to manifest your desires to the next level.

Thinking about how your crystals can serve you will ensure you are getting the most out of their healing properties. When you set an intention for each bracelet or crystal, you will connect to the vibrations of each stone. This will significantly help you focus on this intention; it will bring about a mindset shift that will aid in making this goal a reality. Yes, you have to also put in some work to make these transformations happen.

So how do you set an intention on your loose crystals and bracelets?

Preparation: Try and clear the monkey chatter (mental clutter + racing thoughts) from your mind. Think of a place that often brings you peace or joy and escape there mentally. Maybe it's the baseball field or a yoga studio; wherever it is notice the reaction your face has when you think of that place. If it's happy, then continue. If it's not, think of a new place that brings you joy until your face demonstrates how you feel about that place too. 

Narrowing It Down: Think about what you really want and why prior to selecting what you're going to manifest. Rather than having multiple things, focus on one that makes the most sense to focus for this specific intention. There is plenty of time to manifest a whole list of desires, but for now when you narrow down your focus you'll be able to put that much more energy towards that end goal. 

Setting The Intention:
1. Intensely focus while remaining calm on the one thing that you want to manifest.
2. Remove any interference or negative thoughts that may hinder the success of
this manifestation.
3. Revisit the place that brings you joy or happiness if you need to.

Visualize: See yourself once that intention has been met. Mentally make it a reality and remind yourself that it is possible to attain. Visit this place often. 

Remember: After going through this exercise, take an opportunity to remember the intention that you set each time you look at your crystals. Continue to make that manifestation + intention a reality.

I hope this helps you reach your goals through this season of your life into the next.

What intentions have you set on your healing stones? Hit reply and let me know!

Love + light,

Maria, founder + designer of Infinite Warrior

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