Crystal Starter Kit | How to Use it for Smudging + Cleansing

Crystal Starter Kit 

Cleansing kit with selenite, palo santo, amethyst, citrine, and clear quartz

So are you new to crystals + curious how to get started?

Often I'm asked for help with:

- removing negative energy and or changing the vibration (hello, Palo Santo)

- ways to protect the body from absorbing electromagnetic radiation (hello, clear quartz + selenite)

- magnifying intentions + the properties of crystals (hello, clear quartz)

- quicker ways to re-energize crystals than the sun + moonlight (hello, selenite)

- help with insomnia and or grief (hello, amethyst)

- prosperity, success, + happiness (hello, citrine)

This kit was designed to help you be able to do all of those things, whether you are brand new to your crystal journey or you've been collecting crystals your whole life. 

Each of the pieces in the kit are there for you to use to somehow promote physical, emotional, + spiritual healing. 

If you have questions beyond this, let me know. I'd love to help you navigate this!

Much light + love,