Healing Crystals for Taurus | Taurus Zodiac Crystals

Healing Crystals for Taurus | Taurus Zodiac Crystals

April 20 - May 20

After just experiencing some of the most bold, fire-like energy from Aries season, Taurus season brings us a time of fierce planning + determination. It's time that we appreciate the beauty around us while being present in the moment so we can enjoy the experiences that we are having. Thankfully all of the Taurus zodiac crystals that I share with you work for any zodiac as they are in alignment with the season, not just the zodiac association.

Taurus characteristics

Since Taurus season is all about a slow but constant climb to accomplish its goals, it's a vast difference from the passion-filled reactions in Aries season. Taurus reminds you to keep your eye on the end goal which is key as there will be ample time to review, reassess, reimagine. It may seem like communicating + understanding is more challenging than it normally would be. 

Feelings of determination + practicality will gift everyone with a more grounded approach. Your senses will allow you to experience and move through each day, possibly through taste, smell, touch, sight, or sound- one that might be more significant than one that you're most often leaning into.

You may notice that you're moving with caution or even that you're being extra cautious, note that it is out of consideration so that communication is clear while misunderstandings are at bay.

For myself being an Aries it's definitely an interesting season to walk into. Sometimes it seems like Spring teaches us how to slow down to look at all of the flowers, literally "smell the roses" and be present in the moment. Realize that whatever zodiac sign you are, each season impacts you- not just your own season.

With all of this change you may notice that different crystals make more sense for you to have near you in this next season. All of these healing crystals for Taurus that I mention below help with the transition both into and during this Taurus season

Best crystals for Taurus

Keep in mind that all of these Taurus zodiac crystals work for any zodiac; each one helps with a different energy that happens during the current season. 

Jade helps soothe the mind while offering an overall feeling of serenity + protection to encourage you to move with confidence on the way to meeting your goals head on. 

Lapis lazuli offers balance to the third eye + throat chakras which will help open the lines of communication, awaken the intuition, and increase mental clarity when making decisions this season.

Lava gifts internal strength + guidance while enhancing your creative thoughts to get your dreams and goals into action. 

Rose quartz is vibrationally lifting which allows you to work hard + play hard all while being able to have a happy mindset while moving forward. 

You probably already have some of these crystals in your collection, so make sure to recharge them so that they will gift you their best self to you. 

Much light + love,


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