Best Crystals for Cancer Zodiac Season

Cancer season is upon us and you've most likely been working on scheduling bonding time with those most important to you. Whether it's time away enjoying summer or something more low-key like a fireworks show at the park, you're feeling all the feels. 

In the chance that you're more of a homebody, you may be having more of a nurturing approach right now along with all the emotions. It's definitely a season that allows for you to bring your focus back to your roots + check back within. Most often this allows for the homebodies to spend quality time nesting with people that you have mutual adoration with. 

Vacation-wise in summer my family would always go "up north" for a couple weeks at a resort full of cabins on a lake. Amongst us we had both kinds of people, those that were more homebodies that stayed mostly at the resort with others that were there. Then there were families like my immediate five that went out for most meals, as we would have some kind of adventure each day. I'll make sure to share places I'd recommend if you're ever up in northern Wisconsin that I've been to that I'm sure you'd enjoy in just a bit. 

During this season there are two crystals that are wonderful companions for the wearer depending on what type of person you are. It's up to you to decide what makes the most sense for your own situation. Always keep in mind that you don't have to be a specific zodiac for these crystals, it's more so these crystals are specific to the zodiac season, not a specific zodiac. 

Best crystals for cancer zodiac season

Lava: feeling rooted, comfortable, while having the opportunity to turn on the fire within. 

Moonstone: a mothering / nurturing stone that encourages you to open doors + celebrates new beginnings. 

Both happen to be neutrals so that makes them easy to combine with whatever else you are wearing. There are lots of options of both of these crystals beyond these two shown so it's more so a matter of getting something that you would want to wear the majority of the season.

Maria and Bella outside of Thirsty Whale

As promised earlier, my northern Wisconsin suggested stops for this summer season:

  • A restaurant on Minocqua Lake that we still go to decades later: Thirsty Whale. In the picture above Bella and I are standing outside of it last January when we were teaching a class on vision boards at one of our partner locations. 
  • St. Germain has lots of fun events all summer long. Two of our favorites are the Monday night bingo and the Concert Crawl. As a teen I remember going to the flea market a lot with my folks as they always loved antiquing. 
  • A favorite stop for a Friday night fish fry is over at Clearview Supper Club
  • Where do I go for coffee? One of my latest finds was Red Canoe Coffee.
  • The 19th Hole is so great for lunch + mini golf! 
  • I can't even tell you how many times we ordered Spang's pizza when we were coming in from a night fishing trip to then enjoy. 
  • Ice cream from The Chocolate Shoppe is always a favorite + the spot in town to hit is Cathy's
  • You can also find Infinite Warrior in Earth Goods Pottery which is in Minocqua where there is also lots of other stores to visit. 

Whatever you're up to this season, I encourage you to call one extra person that you haven't seen in a while that would appreciate the "hello." 

Much light + love,