Amethyst Crystal Bracelets | February Birthstone

If you're someone that loves the color purple, it's yet another reason why you may be attracted to amethyst. The stone happens to be the February birthstone, however the ability that the stone has to act as a natural tranquilizer often draws people to it. Amethyst relieves you from stress, strain, anger, + rage-like thoughts. 

This crystal is considered the most powerful in terms of emotional balance. It helps the wearer deal with both emotional highs + lows, specifically if you're dealing with fear, grief, loss, or sadness. 

Dating back to ancient times, this stone has been used to discourage overindulgences of addictions. It acts as an incredible sobriety stone as it encourages your mind, body, + soul to find inner peace. 

Amethyst has been a fabulous sleep stone as it helps you both fall + stay asleep as well as have peaceful, non-nightmare like dreams. When paired with clear quartz it offers great protection against migraines. 

Are you a February baby? I'm not but my sister-in-law is and she is intuitively drawn to it which is always fun to see. Watch my video on amethyst to learn why you too might be attracted to this purple stone!

Much light + love,