Amazonite Crystal Bracelet | How to Quiet the Monkey Chatter

Amazonite Crystal Bracelet | How to Quiet the Monkey Chatter

If you've ever seen a beachy-vibe on my wrist before, you're familiar with the tones + beauty that amazonite gifts every single time. Not only does it look like the beach, an amazonite crystal bracelet mentally takes you there with it's ability to be a soothing stone that helps reduce stress-like feelings. 

The number one thing that I am asked for help with is anxiety. When someone asks me what the best stone is for anxiety, I most often follow it up with asking what else they are dealing with. Hands down the bracelet I recommend the most is the amazonite crystal bracelet. Not only does it help with quieting a racing mind, it helps reduce any kind of dark, consuming thoughts. 

Quieting the monkey chatter is the phrase that I've been using to describe an anxious mind. For those that have this the feeling of overwhelm often hits at night before you put your head to sleep as there is still a list of what needs to get done. This stone helps quiet the mind so that rest can happen and the to-do list can revisit later. 

This crystal also encourages the abundance of happiness + joy while working on quieting the mind. It also has the ability to recognize the undesirable waves from technology (cell phones, microwaves, and high tension wires) that our bodies don't need. It collects them and emits them back to the earth so that we as humans don't absorb them. 

Isn't it pretty cool how all of this can be in those crystals? 

Let me know what you think of this beauty!

Much love + light,


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