Doshas | Vata, Pitta, + Kapha

Your individual nature is mirrored in your body type which collectively is also known as dosha. The doshas reflect three main governing principles of nature:

Individuals have a unique combination of these three doshas/principles that exist within yourself. Sometimes you can be a hybrid of two different doshas in relation to your body + mind. Your dosha helps you understand what you should eat, how to exercise, when/how much to sleep, and often where you should live in order to have a balanced state of being. 

When you're aware of your dosha, you have an opportunity to have internal harmony. This is one of the central ideas in Ayurveda, one of the world's oldest holistic healing practices, and it will help you with both daily + seasonal routines that gift maximal health, mental clarity, + longevity.


Want to discover which dosha you are? Find out below!





  • often sensitive to sound + touch
  • quick to feel, express, let emotions out
  • spontaneous + playful spirit
  • can be emotionally sensitive + empathetic
  • focuses on one project at a time

When in balance | full of clarity, logical, consistent

Out of balance | indecisive, anxious, confused

Nature relationship | ether + air, the energy of movement



  • focused mind which allows for easy success
  • thirsty for knowledge + dynamic personality
  • funny + full of energy
  • competitive, disciplined, + often a perfectionist
  • realists that have powerful + charismatic personalities

When in balance | patient, composed, can be bold

Out of balance | impatient, passive, overly critical

Nature relationship | fire + water, the energy of transformation



  • sweet disposition + gets along easily with others
  • avoids drama + can be a homebody
  • very loyal + significantly benefits from self-care
  • moves + talks slowly
  • likes to play the support role

When in balance | full of joy, stable, interested

Out of balance | depressed, withdrawn, lacking creativity

Nature relationship | earth + water, the energy of structure + lubrication