Virgo Season | organized + settled

For those going back to school, sending kids off to school, or those who are coming off the Leo energy high - this season will help you organize your goals and get you on track by keeping you grounded + by providing some good ol' common sense. 

Virgo is represented by the virgin, which also symbolizes wholeness + inner strength. It's a great time to put your energy into focusing on your self-care since the Virgo energy will act as a gentle guide to aid you. 

So let's think - what dreams did you come up with during Leo season? Time to get to work on making those a reality! Take a look at the Virgo stone properties to help you focus on your biggest intentions right now. 

Virgo Healing Stones

VIRGO STONES | agate, amazonite, amethyst, jasper, + lapis lazuli

I hope you find the courage to work on yourself + your biggest dreams this season. There's no time like the present to start shaping your future. 


P.S. Need some direction on how to set those Virgo intentions with your healing stone? Check out this blog post!