Valentine Gift Collection

Love is in the air!

We have the perfect gifts for your loved ones this Valentine's Day! Picked for their different properties, these stones can help with a variety of afflictions. So let's take a deeper look into how you can gift something intentional + meaningful this season. 

Rose Quartz | Amethyst | Druzy Quartz

ROSE QUARTZ | the January birthstone and known as the stone of love, rose quartz gifts the feeling of a loving environment to any wearer. It also helps encourage a happy mindset. Perfect for best friends + sisters. 

AMETHYST | The ultimate inner peace stone, amethyst helps heal the body, mind, and soul from grief + fear. It's also the February birthstone! Perfect for any loved one going through a rough time. 

DRUZY QUARTZ | This form of matte quartz has a bit of extra sparkle hidden in its beads, and this design features one of our most loved charms. Quartz encourages a happy mindset while gifting the wearer with mood + energy lifting vibes. Perfect to gift to moms and grandmas.

 Hematite | Moonstone | Amazonite

HEMATITE | A stone to keep you grounded, hematite helps increase your ability to concentrate + focus while also helping enhance your memory. Perfect for anyone career driven or focusing on new goals. 

MOONSTONE | Safe travels + inner strength are just the start of the benefits from moonstone. It also helps balance out the hormonal cycle + ease PMS, so it's perfect for any women in your life. 

AMAZONITE | One of our top picks to help quiet a racing mind, amazonite also encourages self-love + self-trust which we all need to be our best selves. Perfect for teens + best friends.

 Matching Bracelets | Healing Stone Crystal Bracelets

DISTANCE DUOS | We've included a few of our distance duos styles since these are great for Valentine gifting! Remember the best friend necklaces or bracelets you had when you were younger? These are the adult versions! Each pair has a stone from the other, so whether giving to someone you love far away or close, you can both always carry a part of each other. Perfect for a long distance love or friend you don't get to see often. 


Wishing you much love + light this season,