Top Picks for 2021


Wow... can you believe that 2021 is coming to a close soon? I wanted to take a look back at our best selling pieces for this year. Some stones continue to be your favorites — turquoise + lava were big this year again!

Bestsellers | Infinite Warrior


Lapis Lazuli + Pyrite Healing Bracelet  | confidence boosting, increases mental clarity, + shields against negative energy

Matte African Turquoise + Pyrite Bracelet | helps reduce anxiety, dual negative energy shield, + immunity booster

Lapis Lazuli + Lava Diffuser Bracelet | Infinite Warrior | encourages creativity, increases self-awareness, + helps ground you


Bestsellers | Infinite Warrior


Gray Labradorite + Brass Rings Bracelet | relieves anxiety + stress, calms an overactive mind, + protects your aura

Rondel Moonstone + Brass Heishi Bracelet | nurturing stone, increases inner strength, + balances the hormonal cycle 

Matte African Turquoise + Pyrite Bracelet | helps reduce anxiety, dual negative energy shield, + immunity booster

Gunmetal Hematite + Gold Rings Bracelet | mental stabilizer, memory enhancer, + balance

Flower Amethyst + Center Stone Bracelet | gifts inner peace, alleviates grief, + aids insomnia


Bestsellers | Infinite Warrior


Tiger Eye + Smoky Quartz Bracelet | helps reduce anxiety, protective of physical body during travel, + aids internal healing from illness

Lava + African Turquoise Healing Bracelet | dispels negative energy, grounding stone, + increases courage 

Gray Jasper + Lava Center Bracelet | increases wisdom, encourages self-care, + boosts internal strength


Bestsellers | Infinite Warrior


Lava + Pyrite Healing Stone Bracelet | enhances creativity, increases self-love, + offers good luck

Mystic Amazonite Healing Stone Bracelet | helps quiet a racing mind, soothes worry, + encourages self-trust

Flower Amethyst Healing Stone Bracelet | gifts inner peace, alleviates fear, + aids insomnia