The Ultimate Healing Stone Guide

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Hi, I’m Maria, founder + designer of Infinite Warrior. In the beginning, my goal was to bring awareness and encouragement to others on how to live a healthy lifestyle. I love having the opportunity to share the knowledge of different stone types, their varying compositions, and how they can benefit the body. Infinite Warrior focuses on a holistic way of life – the expression of which is unique to each individual.


One of the first questions that I’m often asked is if the stones really have healing powers. It would be easy to tell everyone the countless experiences that I have had as well as those that others have shared with me, but often I choose not to. Instead I like to remind people that the muscle of the mind is the hardest one to control.

If you tell yourself that you’re going to succeed, you definitely are heading in the right direction. In the reverse, if you tell yourself that you are going to fail, the odds are already against you. Beyond the properties that these stones carry from the various minerals in their composition, their ability to aid in people's healing journeys has been proven to me time + time again. 


Infinite Warrior Healing Stone Bracelet



It’s important to remember that when choosing a stone, you find something that you’re going to feel comfortable wearing the majority of the time. There is no sense in getting one that you know you won’t wear and/or keep in your pocket most often.

The number one thing that people have asked me for help with since I first started is anxiety. Often that is paired with a handful of other afflictions to work on. The immediate concern future wearers have is that many bracelets will be needed to conquer that wish list. The good news is that the majority of the stones that Infinite Warrior works with have a long list of benefits for the body, so there’s no need to buy every single stone that Infinite Warrior carries.

Infinite Warrior Healing Bracelets


All stones have a unique vibration and most often humans are drawn to the ones that their bodies are in need of and/or lacking the most. The composition of each stone offers different vibrations which is what the human body receives + reacts to. The vibrations are able to maintain a constant flow of this energy, allowing the wearer to experience a higher vibration. When you experience a higher vibrational frequency, you most often are able to get beyond whatever has been in your way — in some cases a physical or mental roadblock.

One of the most common things I see is people gravitating towards jasper. This stone has been known to gift the supreme nurturer the reminder that self-care is key when continuously caring for others. Most often supreme nurturers (parents, educators, medical professionals, etc.) put everyone else first, but in order to be your best self it’s important to take care of yourself first so that you can truly offer the best care possible.

Need more help?

Another question that I’m often asked is, “where do I start?” This question always makes me smile because I love talking about all of the stones and how they have impacted other wearers + myself. But if nothing initially comes to mind, Infinite Warrior has many ways to add a little sparkle to your wrist.

I would suggest starting with the Birthstone Collection or some of the best selling stones — amazonite, aquamarine, hematite, + turquoise. Otherwise, take a look at our Healing Stone Chart, pick out one or two afflictions you would like to focus on, and find which stone or maybe combination of stones can start you off. 



Infinite Warrior Healing Stone Cleansing


It’s important to rid your stones of any other energy that they may have absorbed from others that you do not need. One option would be to use selenite or palo santo to clear + cleanse any kind of energy that it may have absorbed. You can also bury it in the dirt outside, gifting it the opportunity to be back in the Earth where it was before being in your hands. This is not only just important when receiving new stones, but also when you are ready to move to a new intention with your stones.

Intention Setting

Stones have the ability to work with an intention that you set similar to how their higher vibration helps raise your own personal vibration. Since the stones hold a very positive + strong energy, they magnify the energy of your intention so that you can truly manifest it in a more efficient way. An intention can be as simple or complex as you like.


The stones are able to maintain a constant frequency so long as it is regularly charged. When wearing the stones, your body takes the positive vibration from it and continuously draws from that energy. It’s really important that you take the time every couple weeks to help re-energize your stones again. Place them in the window sill for a straight 24 hours so that they can experience both sun + moonlight. Let them bathe in that light and do not touch them while they are recharging. Also, remember that even on an overcast day you can get a sunburn, so you don't need the sun to come out for your stones to receive their magic back. 


As much as these stones want to work for you, you need to remember that you are the one that's in control. When you feel like your vibration is lowered or not where it needs to be, circle back to see what may have attributed to that. Have you recharged your stones lately? Are you in alignment with the intention that you set? Do you too want that same intention that you set before? Address those possible needed mindset changes or recharge the stones to get yourself back on track. 


I hope this helps get your healing stone journey started or back on track to help you reach your intentions. As always, feel free to reach out to me via email (, social media (facebook + instagram), or leave a comment below if you have any questions. 

Love + light,