Scorpio Season | season of intensity + transformation

Scorpio season (Oct 23 - Nov 22) can get a bad rep for the amount of intensity that comes with it, but let’s use that energy to help us. This season is the perfect time to do or say things you may have been scared about in the past. Use the fearlessness of the season to your advantage.

It’s also a time to really focus on what you need + want in life. The scorpio energy will help you focus on those realizations and drive you to intentionally change what needs to be changed. It could mean a lot of personal transformation, but don’t be afraid to seek out the truth.

Scorpio Zodiac Healing Stones | Infinite Warrior

Are you a scorpio? Just like this season's intense energies, you are a very passionate person! You know what you like, and aren't afraid to stay away from things that don't serve you. People look up to your bravery + you are very loyal to those closest to you. 

So let's take a look at the scorpio stones to help your intentions this season. Lucky for you and me, there are many to pick from! 


AQUAMARINE | Are you looking to use that scorpio fearlessness? Aquamarine invites courage to aid you in that journey + also cleanses you internally which will help you stay focused on your goals. 

JASPER | With all the intense scorpio energy, wisdom + overall compassion aren't bad to keep on the forefront of your mind. 

LABRADORITE | If you are wanting to focus on what you should be keeping in your life and walking away from what's not serving you, let labradorite strengthen your intuition + will.

MOONSTONE | Ready for that big transformation? Choose moonstone for new beginnings + the inner strength to get you through.

OBSIDIAN | Another perfect stone for transformation, obsidian will also enhance truth in your life. 

SMOKY QUARTZ | Maybe you need to use the scorpio energy of life transitions to get you back on your feet from illness or surgery. Smoky quartz will also encourage a happy mindset + newfound life shift. 

TURQUOISE | If you need to focus on the relationships in your life this season, turquoise is the friendship stone + also stimulates romantic love.

UNAKITE | Big life changes need a lot of your mental energy! Unakite is the stone of vision + rebirthing while also helping to keep you grounded. 

So which one sounds like it can aid you this scorpio season? If you would like to see them all, head over to the Scorpio Zodiac page