Sagittarius Season | optimism + adventure

 Onwards + upwards! Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of prosperity + luck, you can look forward to this season that is full of an optimistic outlook. Keep a focus on the good this season, and things will get even better! 

Sagittarius season will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, and you'll feel invincible. It’s a great time to try new hobbies that you've been thinking about, visit that new hiking trail or coffee shop your friend told you about, and make big changes that would have a big impact on your day to day life. You are allowed to be fearless on the journey to better yourself. 

With all this confidence, you are likely to share your opinions more easily. Remember to choose your words wisely! This is a season of honesty, which could come in handy for any hard team projects at work or dealing with any relationship difficulties. Let the energy of this season help guide you through with the mental clarity of truth.

SAGITTARIUS TRAITS | optimistic + generous

Are you a sagittarius? Just like the season, you are full of positive vibes + energy. This happy outlook you have on life is one of your best qualities!  You are a great friend to have around because of your generous nature, and you are always up for new spontaneous adventures.

With a tendency to be very straightforward + honest, your family and friends value your opinion even if it can be a little too blunt. But your opinions come out well balanced — from your head + heart together. If you have to share harsh things, you can quickly pair it with a silver lining. 

Turquoise Smoky Quartz | Infinite Warrior

SAGITTARIUS STONESamethyst + labradorite + lapis lazuli + obsidian + smoky quartz + sodalite + turquoise

The different properties of each stone will only magnify if using the energy of the sagittarius season along with them. Let's take a look at what stone might help your intentions...

Amethyst | Perhaps you are needing inner peace + a weight of grief lifted off your shoulders this season. Amethyst will aid in that journey

Labradorite | Hello intuition + goodbye insecurities! This is a great stone this season for anyone needing to really focus on what isn't serving you anymore and giving you the courage to leave it behind. 

Lapis lazuli | Are you working on being a little more open + honest? Lapis will help give you a self-confidence boost to be your truth self. 

Obsidian | If you know difficult decisions are coming up, obsidian is the stone to pick to aid in mental clarity + transformation. 

Smoky Quartz | Want to use the optimistic energy of the season? Smoky quartz will help to fill you with positive thoughts + a happy mindset as well. 

Sodalite | Helping to alleviate stress + anxiety, sodalite is the stone for you if you are needing to focus on truth + self-trust this season. 

Turquoise | Working as a negative energy shield, turquoise will act as your protector this season as you work to lift the weight off your shoulders. 

So, which one is calling to you? Trust your intuition + put those vibrations to work!