Recharging + Cleansing | how + why

Healing stones are like essential oils in the sense that they come from the Earth, and you have to continue to apply so that they are effective. As you wear your healing stones, you suck the energy from them. So by following steps for recharging + cleansing, their energy will return to better aid you. 

CLEANSING | use these techniques to clear your bracelets from any unwanted vibrations + energy or when first receiving your crystals to reset their energies. 

  • Place your stones in sunlight + moonlight for half a day on your windowsill  (also recharges)
  • Pass your stones through the smoke from palo santo
  • Set your stones on selenite for an hour (also recharges) 
  • Place your stones in the earth for a day

RECHARGING | use these techniques to recharge positive energy + intentions you are setting on your stones. 

  • Place your stones in sunlight + moonlight for half a day on your windowsill (also cleanses)
  • Set your stones on selenite for a couple hours (also cleanses) 
  • Once recharged, set your intentions on your stones

    Performing these for your stones will ensure their energies are ready + set to help you reach your goals. It would be best to recharge + cleanse every couple of weeks.