Pisces Season | creativity + deep emotions

Pisces Season

Be prepared - Pisces season brings with it a lot of emotional vibes. It may be the time for sentimental reflection, but know that you can use this energy for good. 

Pisces Zodiac Stones | Infinite Warrior


Pisces season brings a calming aid to guide you through your emotions that you've been stressing about. It's time to relax — take a yoga class, go out for a walk, or stay on track with your daily meditation. These activities will help your growth through the next month. 

This relax energy will also give you the energy to boost your relationship with a romantic partner and develop deeper relationships with family + friends. Any relationship strains will be a thing of the past if you can keep a view on the bigger picture so that your differences can be smoothed out. 

It's a time to use these emotions towards creativity and any other outlets that help you become a more emotionally intelligent person. So it's a great time to reflect on + dream big about your goals for your career, mental health, hobbies, or relationships since this Pisces energy will help bring you clarity. You'll feel the urge to lean into your intuition + gut feelings that are helping guide you to what really makes you happy in life.

This zodiac marks the end of the zodiac signs, so think of this as another year end with the chance to restart soon. Spring is on it's way with the feeling of rebirth + optimism! 

Pisces Traits

Are you a pisces? Just like this season for the rest of us, you tend to be an emotionally sensitive person! But this makes you a great friend and partner since you are very compassionate + caring. You make a great emotional therapist to the ones you love by being understanding and never judging their thoughts + emotions. 

You also have a knack for creative things. Arts, music, or other hands on crafts — these activities are very stimulating to you and bring you joy. It's possible you spend a lot of time daydreaming, but this is where you find inspiration + drive for your next projects. 

Turquoise Aquamarine Amethyst Healing Stones | Infinite Warrior

Pisces Stones

These three stones represent the Pisces season. So let's take a deeper look into which ones can best aid your intentions. 

AMETHYSTIf you really need to focus on relaxation for this season, amethyst will be helpful. It gifts your body, mind, + soul with inner peace while also reducing fears + anger. 

AQUAMARINE | Another great stone for soothing inner fears + bringing about tranquility, aquamarine also boosts your courage. So if dealing with any hard relationships, you can count on this stone for intentions around the strength to confront + let go. 

TURQUOISE | Known as the friendship stone, turquoise encompasses a lot of the Pisces energy. It can help lift you out of depression to more positive energy and reduces anxiety. Use this stone if you need to focus on listening to your gut about what your body needs to help boost your well-being for ultimate calm through this next month. 


So I hope you are able to find the time to relax and do some dreaming + planning this season. Feel free to reach out with any questions about which stones might aid in your current journey. 

Love + Light,