October Birthstone | jasper

Have you heard me say that you are always drawn to the stones you need the most? I've seen it happen time and time again, and I fully know it to be true! One of the first stones our team member Julia couldn't help herself from picking every time was jasper, which also happens to be her semi-precious birthstone! 

JASPER PROPERTIES | The strongest property from jasper is its overall nurturing aid. This stone is here to help remind you to take time for self-care for those of us who tend to put others first. It will instill a sense of calm to the wearer which in turn can boost your mood + confidence. 

Bringing a tranquility + peacefulness to your life, jasper also absorbs negative energies for your protection, whether that be negative energy from others or electromagnetic energy. Dealing with change? The calming aid from jasper can help you stay focused and insightful to get through transitions. 

Are you an October baby? It's likely you are a romantic at heart and are a calm + positive person. You tend to care for others above yourself and offer a helping hand to everyone, which is why jasper pairs so well with you. If you are feeling drained or burned out, setting intentions pertaining to mood lifting, seeking wisdom for a difficult situation, or restoring compassion work well with jasper. 

This stone also comes in so many different colors and patterns that every piece is so unique! The endless options make it very easy to add to your daily stack or to gift one. Whether your birthstone or not, you can only benefit from the nurturing vibrations from Jasper.