November Birthstone | citrine

November swept in, and we are definitely feeling the weather change here in Milwaukee. This also means a new semi-precious birthstone! Let's take a closer look at the benefits of citrine, the positivity + happiness booster.

CITRINE | happiness + prosperity, truth + goodness, enjoyment of life

This stone is a unique variety of quartz that occurs naturally when quartz crystallizes with inclusions of iron, though many citrine today is also from quartz amethyst that turns the beautiful, sunny yellow when subjected to heat. It's color can range anywhere from a very pale yellow to a deep amber. 

Like it's color, citrine is a bright ray of sunshine for the health of your body, mind, + soul. It promotes enjoyment throughout your life. If you are feeling a heavy weight of anxiety or fatigue, citrine works to lift negative energies and settle your mind to overcome confusion or depression. The energy of citrine will also increase your confidence and help you use these good vibes to go out into the world with optimism. You'll feel ready to conquer anything with a smile on your face! 

By providing a optimistic outlook, citrine aids in providing new opportunities which in turn help prosperity and abundance in your life. It's the perfect stone to use when your manifesting goals include wealth, but also for the abundance of health, positivity, + energy. It's a stone of truth + goodness that we can't get enough of this season.