Most Asked About Healing Properties

One of my favorite things is hearing how Infinite Warrior has helped members of our Tribe navigate their day to day lives in ways large or small. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. 

Sometimes it may be hard to talk to someone about your struggles or fears; you are not alone. These are some of the challenges I've been asked about recently + my top recommendations for each affliction. 

Anxiety + Change Healing Crystal Stones | Infinite Warrior

ANXIETY + CHANGE | No one needs to point out how 2020-2021 years have brought a lot of people anxiety + stress. It's been a long season of unknown which has brought change in people's workplace and family life.

One of my recommendations for this topic would be labradorite. This stone will help calm an overactive mind while also relieving anxiety + stress by banishing your fears. My other recommendation is lava because of its grounding property and its aid in bouncing back after changes in your life.

Protection Healing Crystal Stones | Infinite Warrior

PROTECTION | Not only are both of these stones helpful for stress, but they also both offer protection for traveling. There are new anxieties surrounding traveling right now, so having tiger eye or moonstone will help protect your physical + mental wellbeing. 

Grief Healing Crystal Stones | Infinite Warrior

GRIEF | It may be the hardest topic to discuss out loud with someone, but also plays a large part in your health. I've had many close friends + family going through stages of grief recently, and what I tell them to put on their wrists is amethyst. It eases grief + sadness while also gifting inner peace. 

The Infinite Warrior team is grateful that you share your challenges with us. It is largely the reason why I started this business - to help people live healthy + mindful lives. We are only an email or message away.