March Birthstone | aquamarine


When looking at the light blue to green aqua hues of aquamarine, you can't help but think of an ocean or sea, which is exactly how this stone got its name. Aquamarine is made of two latin words — aqua, meaning water, and marina, meaning of the sea. Looking back in history, aquamarine was used for safe passage across water, and also to help turn enemies into friends. 

Aquamarine | Infinite Warrior

The most valuable varieties used to only come from Brazil, and one of the largest aquamarine stones was discovered there. This large cut aquamarine is named the  Dom Pedro, and the gemstone is 4.6 pounds and stands 14" tall. Aquamarine is now mined all over the world.

Along with emerald and morganite, it is a member of the beryl family of minerals, and it gets its blue + green colors from iron impurities when beryl is forming. 


Just like our ancestors used this stone for, the March birthstone is very protective over, on, and in water. It's here to gift you with sea legs for life, which can protect from seasickness and also provide tranquility + peace. It would be a great pick for anyone who loves the water or loves traveling. It also aids in protecting a mother + baby through pregnancy. 

Aquamarine | Infinite Warrior

Aquamarine also soothes your fears and give you a boost of courage. It's very internally cleansing, so it's a great stone to pick if dealing with emotional or mental battles you need to overcome.

Going into spring, I can't think of a better stone to help bring about a rebirth and new start. 

Love + Light,