Libra Season | focus on balance + relationships

Not only is it officially fall, we are also entering into Libra season! Virgo season helped keep us grounded and focused. Now is the time to balance your life between work + play and spend time with people you love the most.

Libra season is all about equality + truthfulness (represented by the scales), harmony, + your relationships. It will be an easy time to work out any problems because the gift of a fair-minded attitude. Ruled by Venus, planet of love, the Libra season will push your desire for deeper relationships. You may find yourself being open to more social plans and spending meaningful time with your closest friends or family. Or perhaps it's time to get out into the dating world, and this season is the perfect time for that. Lean into it!

Are you a Libra? It's your turn to thrive in this time of balance! You feel a strong love for beauty which could reflect in your love for art, your impeccable style, or your Pinterest level decorated home. Having close, harmonious relationships helps you feel settled, so don't forget to leave time in your schedule to keep those maintained.

So let's take a deeper look into the stones that represent the Libra season + their properties that could help you towards your intentions this next month:

CITRINE | promotes truth + goodness

JADE | increases love, peace, + nurturing

LAPIS LAZULI | helps aid mental clarity + expression of opinions

MOONSTONE | promotes happiness + love

ROSE QUARTZ | stone of unconditional love + promotes euphoric loving environment

 I hope these help lead you in the direction to best bring about a positive change this Libra season. Find all our Libra stones in this collection here