January Birthstone | rose quartz


Into the new year — Rose quartz takes center stage as the birthstone for January, so let's take a deeper look into this crystal. 

A majority of rose quartz is found in Brazil, South Africa, India, and Madagascar, though there are other deposits around the world. There is even a mine found in South Dakota that produces a large abundance of this pink form of quartz. This stone takes on a pink color that can be clear or cloudy, and can range from light baby pink to a darker + rich color found in Madagascar rose quartz. 

It's possible the first people to use rose quartz were the Assyrians and Romans back in 800-600 BC, though it was also used by the Greeks and Egyptians as powerful talismans. Similar to Greek myths about this stone, it has come to be known as the unconditional love crystal. 


The difference between rose quartz and other forms of quartz is the overall feeling of love that this stone can produce in you. This doesn't need to mean romantic love — it can also mean your inner self-love, strengthening + healing love for family and friends, or filling you with compassion + love to share onto others. 

Rose quartz is connected to your heart chakra, and this can help heal any issues with heartache or emotional pain. This feeling of love is in turn going to lift your mindset and help to bring a balance to your life. It's vibrationally lifting, both in energy + mood which will aid you to be able to pour love into other people's cups.

It can help to bring romantic love into your life, but before that can happen, rose quartz will help to strengthen your self-trust + self-love so you feel confident + comforted. 

So if you are working on a path of healing your heart and self-care, using rose quartz to set your intentions is the perfect place to start. Heading out into the dating world or helping strengthen the love of your current relationships? Or ready to take on a path of providing compassion to others through your work or philanthropic efforts? Let rose quartz help guide the way, opening your heart to the joys of life. 

Love + Light,