Intention Setting | how + why

Let's take a moment to focus on your intentions + mindset. Your semi-precious stones emit their own special vibration + healing energy. Setting an intention for each bracelet offers both benefit and opportunity to manifest on the next level. 

How? When you set an intention for each bracelet, this will help you connect to the vibrations of each stone and help you focus onf this intention to bring about a mindset shift that will aid in making this goal a reality. You have to also put in some work to make these transformations happen. 

Before putting on your new bracelet, follow these five steps:

Preparation | Try and clear the monkey chatter (clutter + racing thoughts) from your mind. Think of a place that often brings you peace or joy and escape there mentally. 

Narrowing It Down | Think about what you really want and why prior to selecting what you're going to manifest. Rather than having multiple things, focus on one that makes the most sense to focus on for this specific intention. 

Setting The Intention | Intensely focus while remaining calm on the one thing that you are wanting to manifest. Remove any interference or negative thoughts that may hinder the success of this manifestation. Revisit the place that brings you joy or happiness if you need to. 

Visualize | See yourself once that intention has been met. Mentally make it a reality and remind yourself that it is possible to attain. 

Remember | After going through this exercise take an opportunity to remember the intention that you set each time you look at your stones. Continue to make that manifestation + intention a reality. 

I hope this helps you reach your goals through this season of your life into next. As always, feel free to reach out on our social media if you get stuck or to the community on the Infinite Warrior Tribe Facebook group. Together we rise!