For The Guys | best selling men's

This last month, these bracelets have been made, packaged, and shipped out to… men! 

I cannot thank you enough for continuously supporting Infinite Warrior. Within the last year we have had a significant increase in the male wrists that are adorned with Infinite Warrior.

When I’m asked what’s popular with men, it’s often hard to narrow it down as there are so many that have become favorites. Often men gravitate towards the stones that offer grounding, protection, internal fire (mental), vigor, stamina, and focus. These bracelets below are our top picked pieces to aid those intentions. 

Tiger Eye Onyx Healing Stones

TIGER EYE courage + clear thinking

ONYXinternal strength + stamina

Turquoise Obsidian Lava Healing Stones

OBSIDIANbrings clarity to mind

TURQUOISEdispels negative energy

LAVAgrounding + internal strength

Hematite Lava Lapis Lazuli Healing Stones

HEMATITEmental stability + focus

LAPIS LAZULIself-confidence boosting + mental clarity

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