February Birthstone | amethyst


From light lavender to dark royal purple, the hues of amethyst have captivated people all the way back to Egyptian times when they wore it as decorative jewelry, the Greeks who believed the stone could keep you from becoming intoxicated, and Medieval times as men wore it in battle for protection. Let's take a deeper look into the history + healing properties of this stone! 

Amethyst can be found all over the world from Canada, Africa, + India, though the biggest supply is found in South America. It was once considered among the rarest of stones until deposits were found in Brazil, making it more readily available. 

Lavender Amethyst | Infinite Warrior

The different colors of amethyst come from inclusions of iron and aluminum, and this crystal can range anywhere from the more recently popular light lilac hues (renamed Rose de France to attract buyers) to the deep, darker purple which historically was the most valued. Some may even have hues of red or blue in as well. The deepest purple amethyst was first mined out of Siberia, which now any similar colored amethyst from around the world can be called Siberian if its color closely resembles the stones mined from Siberia. 


This stone is one of the more personal ones I deal with because this is my top recommendation for grief. When anyone is going through grief, this can really hold a cloud over your life and affect your emotions + actions greatly. To aid in lifting this weight, amethyst helps alleviate sadness while gifting the healing of your body, mind, + soul. This inner peace will settle over you whenever this stone is around your wrist.  

The Greeks may have been on to something, too — another property of amethyst is promoting sobriety + discouraging addictions. This doesn't necessarily have to be for alcohol or drugs, though it greatly helps with those. It could also aid in your love for junk food, social media use, constant binge watching your favorite tv show, or any other addiction that is getting in the way of you reaching your intentions or living the life you are aiming for. 

Phantom Amethyst | Infinite Warrior

Another great benefit of amethyst is the gift of reducing anger, fear, + rage. When these emotions are put in balance, this also helps to reduce insomnia and nightmares that could be triggered by the anger or fear you were experiencing. This is also a reason I suggest keeping your amethyst bracelet or amethyst crystal cluster by your bedside. Another common place for people to keep this crystal is by the door to your house since it helps to protect against negative energies. 

So if you are looking for a stone to aid in any grief, gifting inner peace, and eliminating fear, amethyst is a good choice to choose. When you receive your stone, don't forget to set your intentions to fully benefit from the healing properties! 


Love + Light,