December Birthstone | turquoise


Turquoise has a history as rich as its beautiful blue + green hues it comes in. It is one of the oldest healing stones in history, tracing back to ancient Egypt cultures and also very well known here in the states to our native American cultures. These cultures used turquoise in a wide range of ways — necklaces, rings, burying with the dead, decorations on traditional masks. It can be found in the southwestern states of the USA, China, Tibet, Mexico, + Iran with varying colors + hues coming from each mining region. 

Turquoise | Infinite Warrior


This December birthstone has many healing properties that most people would find useful in their daily lives. It gifts the wearer with protection against panic attacks, exhaustion, + depression which I'm sure many of us experience this time of the year with busy holidays and less sunlight. It works to keep your mental health stable while dispelling out any negative energies.

An important property of turquoise that's very helpful during the winter months is its immunity booster. Keeping anxiety down + helping you absorb needed nutrients to keep you healthy is a big reason to keep this on your wrist this season. It's also has anti-inflammatory properties to help with rheumatism, and it helps balance acidity in your gut.

The yellow turquoise that can come in very light green to lime green colors offers a special property — it's a connection to spirits in the sky. This is a wonderful stone to keep on your wrist to feel the connection between passed loved ones. 

Not only does this stone offer these great benefits, it's also the stone for friendship and stimulating romantic love, which makes it a great stone to gift or wear for those of us dating or needing a little romantic boost in your life. 

Could you benefit from any of these healing properties? I bet this would be a great stone to add to your collection for your daily life!