Capricorn Season | season of reflection + sensibility

CAPRICORN SEASON | dec 22 - jan 20

The energy from Capricorn season is going to have you ready to set your goals + methodically make your way to achieving them. It is an earth sign, which means it's very grounded + linked to the physical world. This will help keep you focused on the tasks at hand with a clear vision on how to bring your goals to fruition.

Capricorn season is also ruled by Saturn, the planet that represents structure + responsibility. So not only will you be able to filter out your real + attainable dreams for the future, the energy of the season is here to help keep you focused on working away step by step towards success. This is a season of a sensible + steady pace. Use this energy of committed work to your advantage by taking time to reflect, then set your to do lists + chip away towards your goals.

Even though this sounds geared towards job + business success, you don't have to focus solely on those career goals this season to fully embrace this Capricorn time. What are your more creative or relationship goals? Don't forget that focusing on other aspects of your life besides career can help you be well rounded. Your own personal success goals don't need to be dictated by what the norm is. Focus on your own dreams, and don't worry about what others think! 



Were you born this holiday season? Similar to the vibes coming from the season for everyone, you tend to be the responsible one. Because of that, you are a hard + disciplined worker. Keeping on track of a to do list and reaching your goals comes easy to you. People in your life appreciate your ability to see the practical ways to make a situation best, and you are a great listener + advice giver for those family + friends who know they can always count on you. 

Which Capricorn stones can help you this season? Let's take a look. 

Capricorn Stones

AMETHYST | Perhaps you need to slow down + ground yourself this season. The holidays can be full of stress from all the constant plans and family time, so use amethyst to help bring you inner peace by healing your body, mind, + soul. It will help you overcome anxiety + stress so you can keep working towards success. 

SMOKY QUARTZ | While we move into the official season of winter, seasonal depression can become a battle some of us deal with. Freezing temps keeping us indoors and less sunlight from shortened days can really affect us. Smoky quartz is great to set intentions around positive thoughts and lifting depression. It will help bring about a happy mindset to keep you focus on what goals you'd like to achieve this season.  

TIGER EYE | Know what your goals are and need another push to start chipping away at your to do list? Tiger eye will help provide courage + personal empowerment to get you started while also gifting clear thinking to keep you on track. 

So let's welcome in the Capricorn season with open arms, and let your energy settle into this slower pace. It will help you in the long run.