Autumn Collection | happy first day of fall

If you're anything like me, the change of the season also makes you want to change what you're wearing color-wise. So let's take deeper look at our latest Autumn Collection for 2021.

My daughter, Bella, absolutely loves wearing goldstone as it's full of of sparkle, so I'm sure that you're not surprised that it's in our Autumn Collection. I've kept in mind that it's important to have a variety of stones that pair well together both property-wise + aesthetically, and that's exactly what you will find in this collection. 

GOLDSTONE | helps to build up energy + a positive attitude while also relieving stomach tension + painful joints

JASPER | the ultimate stone for a self-care reminder + absorbs negative energy 

SMOKY QUARTZ | best stone for healing after an illness or surgery

QUARTZ | for overall protection + balance

TIGER EYE | helps to stabilize mood swings + aids in healing for eyes, broken bones, + throat

AGATE | reduces headaches while relieving inner tension or anger

Which ones do you think you could pair together for their properties to help you this autumn season? The good news is they will all easily pair together color-wise! Don't forget you can always check their full list of properties on our Healing Stone Chart